San Eco are going to make you ponder about musical genre. Made up of a producer who has brought his own unique approach to everything from post-rock to house, techno to dub; and a song-writer who draws inspiration from varied subjects like Victorian Gothic Monasteries on Manchester housing estates, to his Lynchian inspired dreams; there’ll be plenty to keep you deciphering from these innovators of electronic alt. rock.

Morris Cowan (Adam Taylor) has been on the electronic music scene since the mid-noughties, first releasing under the name ‘Taylor’ for the Nottingham based Wigflex imprint. He then went on to release ‘Circa’ and ‘Strands’ on German label, Zaubernuss, in 2011; only to return to hometown affiliates, Wigflex, for the 2013 full-length release, ‘Six Degrees’. Championed by Mary Ann Hobbs and Tom Ravenscroft on their 6Music shows, Cowan has built up some notable admirers throughout his releases.

Tom Edney has been recording his own brand of bombastic alternative indie-pop since 2009, having solo efforts like ‘Hands On’ aired on Tom Ravenscroft’s 6Music show. In 2012 he released ‘The Manchester Underground EP’, further displaying his appetite for producing ambitious alternative rock music.

It was during the recording of Cowan’s ‘Six Degrees’ and Edney’s ‘The Manchester Underground EP’, that the two became aware of each other’s music; respectively listening in through a wall between neighbouring studios. An offer of a session was tabled from Cowan, and a few years on, and many a recording session later, they are now ready to release their debut album, the eponymously titled LP, ‘San Eco’, on Manchester label, Beatphreak.

With myriad shared influences ranging from Fela Kuti to Slint, Nathan Fake to R.E.M., San Eco are expected to turn a few heads from 2017 and beyond. Picture a rave on a picturesque Cornish coastline, sound-tracked by Caribou and Panda Bear; and you wouldn’t be far away from the sounds of San Eco.