Multicultural events Rebootin’ soulful music and technology with style.

With so many interesting projects consistently happening we would be foolish not to link these great endeavours to some unique and memorable events. Through the “Reboot Project” we connect our talented team of artists to festivals and club nights across the UK to give more exposure to what we do.

We all have a passion for history and we have all lived through cultural changes that have given us everlasting memories. 20th century cultural movements that inspire the counter cultures of today are what we bring to the party for everyone to enjoy.

We celebrate the amazing cultural inheritance that has been left behind and Reboot it for the 21st century. We have developed a concept of events and festivals that celebrate the history of creative cultures and meld them with new technology and artists from around the world.

Working with a team of bearded experts we have developed a knowledge base that allows us to provide an authentic celebration of the music, fashion, film, technology art, design, and food of the past century. We all have a passion to understand and experiment with how the ‘old influence the new’ and to reboot the future.

Rebooting the past to engage future generations with creative thinking is what the events and festivals are primarily about. But put simply it’s just about having fun and thinking differently about the arts, past and present.