San Eco - Pretty Curtains

San Eco

Electronic / Indie

San Eco – Pretty Curtains is about when your life is so mundane and monotonous and the trek home from your place of work just seems the same as every other day. You get home and close yourself off from the world outside and all you have to view for the rest of the evening is your flowered patterned pretty curtains. Then it all begins again….

Musically Pretty Curtains is a bit of drop D tuning Thom Yorke blues with a falsetto, also lending from Josh Homme. The production is a bombastic electronic stompdown, reminiscent of LCD Soundsystem. The brass in the tracks was styled on Dear Science era TV On The Radio and was recorded/layered up by a Coloradoan multi instrumentalist, Matt Krening.

Such and intense combination of rhythms, sounds and precise productions skills aligned with a sublime video this one will be around for a long time to come.