Kyler Niko is the humble deliverer of three intermixing skills: songwriting, vocal performing and producing. He is a classically trained pianist, with an infinitely eclectic musical headspace built from his shameless love of 90s boybands, to new hip hop and deep house. This diversity enables him to write any genre with the same passion and prowess as the one before it.

With his songwriting and producing cap fully on, he is currently embarked on a journey inside the creatively boundless world of Korean and Japanese popular music (known as K- and J-pop), working alongside the Max Martin equivalents of the eastern music industry.

Parallel to his songwriting, Kyler is known for the distinctive timbre and style of his voice. Working with the label on some top-notch productions we can all see that this year will no doubt be Kylers.

Check out some of his work: