Chicago is the kind of city that holds a mythological significance for fans of electronic dance music. It was there, in its network of warehouses and basements, that house music was first devised in the early ‘80s. Back then, the sound was rooted in disco, first appearing via high intensity DJ sets and looped-up homemade tape edits. House has since gone on to become a number of different things, but the city that birthed it still retains aspects of the older way.

Case in point is Boogie Nite, a Windy City native who’s been in the scene since he first started dancing at parties in the ’80s. After a hiatus that lasted through much of the ‘90s, he’s recently re-emerged, releasing a string of incredibly funky records on labels like Lumberjacks in HellRush Hour, and Glenview. In advance of his fresh new releases on Beatphreak we thought we would hear his side of the story.

“I was born and raised in Chicago. I started in 1986. We’d go to parties and we would be out there dancing. Basically, we went to every party. Lil’ Louis at the Bismarck, Lil’ Louis at the Congress. I was too young to get into the Music Box and stuff like that, I was just out of high school. I did hear Frankie live.”

“My main thing is to make you dance. I don’t really like the soft stuff. I like it hard… The way I’ve been brought up is that when you go to a party, you get there, and you dance your ass off, and you sweat, and it’s an experience. My style is like an attack. It’s aggressive, I want you to move, I want you to lose your mind out there. Even with my mixes. Some of my mixes are really, really, really aggressive and hard. I just want you to move. I just want you to dance. At least, that’s the goal.”

Check out some new and classic BoogieNite: